But girls don’t want to be game developers!

Why aren’t there more women making video games?

Because not very many women want to, obviously.

Why not?

Because not very many women play video games. Video games are a guy thing. At least, that’s what everyone thinks.

But that’s not necessarily true. When I was growing up in the eighties and nineties, lots of other girls my age were playing games. Many of them still do to this day. Why don’t any of them want to be game developers?

Game development requires hard math skills, and you know damn well that women are discouraged from having such skills.

That’s not necessarily true, either. I skipped a grade of math in high school, and the only other people my age who did were also girls. There were lots of women in my computer science classes — not the majority, of course, but there certainly were more of them than at game companies. Even then, there are lots of aspects to game development that don’t absolutely require mathematical ability, like design, visual art, and audio.

Okay, well, the industry is still too hostile to women. All the marketing is targeted to teenage boys, or grown men who think they’re still teenage boys. And developers are no better. No woman in her right mind would want to be part of that.

Well… yeah, that’s true. But many gamers and game developers alike are against that sort of thing. And if there are more women around who have a say in development, then we’ll have an easier time fighting all those ridiculous stereotypes.

If you say so. But it’s so hard for new people to get into the game industry. Particularly in these trying economic times, industry veterans would much rather hire people they already know than take a chance on some bright-eyed, bushy-tailed newcomer.

But if you keep hiring the same people over and over and never bring any new blood to the industry, won’t you risk creative stagnation? Isn’t that bad for the art form?

Silly girl. Game development isn’t an art, it’s a business.

ARRGH! *headdesk*

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