Pamplemousse in the Press!

Here are all the writeups I’ve seen online so far about the ongoing Dominique Pamplemousse Indiegogo campaign. More links to be added as they trickle in… (2)
The Border House
Adventure Developers
Game Side Story (en fran├žais)
Glorious Trainwrecks
Gnome’s Lair
Rock Paper Shotgun (2) (3)
Tap Repeatedly
Youtube commentary by Zerodragonz
Takeover Beta (in Deutsch)
The Indie Mine
Emily Short
The Gameshelf
International Hobo
Trumgottist Entertainment
The AGS Blog
Adventure Gamers
The Ponderous Pixel
Ice World Lava World

Let me know if I’ve missed anything, and if you’d like to write a little something and post it somewhere, or have any blogger/journalist type friends who would, that would be very, very much appreciated! I’m also quite happily available for interviews and spontaneous song/dance numbers.

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