I’m going to grad school!

This week seems to be full of grand announcements. For starters, I just released a game, which people seem to be enjoying, so that’s quite happy-making. Of course, some of you are probably wondering what’s going to come next after Dominique Pamplemousse, and it’s your lucky day, because now I can make the good news official: starting this September, I will be moving to Santa Cruz, California to get my MFA in Digital Arts & New Media!

I’m really excited about this direction my career is going to be taking. I’m going to get to work with/around people who made such neat interactive narrative games as Prom Week, Fa├žade, and Blue Lacuna, and also with artists of other disciplines: filmmakers, musicians, makers, theatre people, you name it. I’m going to learn a lot of things, expand and refine my craft, and all around become a better artist. [1] It’ll be kind of amazing.

Plus, I’ve missed living in California ever since I interned at Telltale 7 years ago [2] so it’ll be wonderful to be back there again!


  1. Not that I necessarily think you have to go to school to be a better artist. But still!
  2. Holy crap, has it been that long?
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