Quing’s Quest VII: The Death of Videogames!

It’s been a difficult month to care about games. Sometimes, though, the best way to deal with difficult things is to channel your frustrations into art, so when Ruin Jam 2014, a game jam “open to anyone and everyone who has been, is being, or plans to be accused of ruining the games industry” was announced, I felt inspired to create something.

The result, a story I have titled “Quing’s Quest VII: The Death of Videogames!”, is a silly, over-the-top power fantasy, wherein you play a monarch of mysterious and indistinct gender exiled from their home planet. It’s made in Twine, because nothing says “hey, that’s not really a game!” like Twine, but there’s music, sound effects, incisive social commentary, old-school adventure game references, a cute genderfluid pirate NPC, a working toilet, and glitter.

Anyhow. You can either play online or download the game and source code with a pay-what-you-want option.

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