The rest of my year…

In just 3 days, I’ll be moving out of Santa Cruz and going off on some new and exciting adventures!

First off, I’ll be making a week-long stopover in Portland to see friends, followed by another week and a bit in my former hometown of Vancouver. For the month of September, I’ll be in Montreal, for no reason other than it’s a lovely city and I want to get to know it better, and find out if moving there permanently would be feasible for me.

In October, I’ll be going to the Forbes Under 30 Summit, which will involve not only the 30 under 30 in games among whom I was recognised earlier this year, but also the 30 under 30 in everything. It’s going to be… interesting, for sure. After that, I’ll be back in California, first for QGCon, which I’m once again helping organise, and then IndieCade.

After that, I’m off to Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont for a week-long residency and my first-ever solo artist exhibition! I am, of course, very excited about this and will definitely share more about it soon.

Afterwards, I’ll be making a short stop in Toronto to attend WordPlay, and then will head off on a trip to Japan and the Philippines to celebrate my 30th birthday. In December, I’ll return to the SF Bay Area for GX3. After that? I’m not quite sure yet. Stay tuned!

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