Pictures at an Exhibition, or: Squinky’s First Solo Art Show OMG!


A few weeks ago, I had my first solo gallery exhibition of my games at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. It went from October 26 – November 16, and the works featured were Dominique Pamplemousse, Coffee: A Misunderstanding, Interruption Junction, Tentacles Growing Everywhere, Quing’s Quest, Conversations We Have In My Head, and Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Dance Challenge.

A shot of mannequins posed as Artemis and Zeff of Coffee: A Misunderstanding, complete with coffee cups.

Another angle of the same. This time, you can see the dance mat for Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Dance Challenge — it makes the game even more annoying to play than just using the arrow keys!

DomPam on the big screen.

In the adjoining room, you can vaguely make out a playthrough of In Tune, a game by my friends Allison Cole and Jess Marcotte that’s been sweeping the festival circuit this year. (Also being shown were Seventy-Eight, Magical Girl Olympics, and scenes from our upcoming collaboration, Selfie Game: The Movie: The Game: Song of Myselfie.)

Curator in Residence Chris Thompson, who made all this happen, and myself.

Humans actually interacting with the games.

Darcy on the projector.

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