Most Sincere Greetings, Esteemed One


For this year’s Global Game Jam, I teamed up with Jess Marcotte to create a game inspired by the theme of “Ritual”. What we came up with was a two-player physical game about greeting rituals and the awkwardness they sometimes produce. Each pair of players is asked to perform a set of procedurally-generated instructions for greeting one another, then taken to a page where they receive procedurally-generated feedback on how well (or poorly) they executed the greeting.

I implemented the text generation using the Tracery library, by Kate Compton, which I had previously used in Interruption Junction and Fitzwilliam Darcy’s Dance Challenge. Jess constructed a gong out of aluminium foil, a paper plate, a fork, and a Makey Makey, which gave us a physical controller that players could hit to advance to the next screen. We also gave players brainwave-sensing headbands to wear that didn’t actually do anything, but added to the fiction of linking the players’ minds together or something or other.

You can play the game in your web browser (for best results, find a partner to play it with you), watch a gameplay video, or check out the source code.

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