Summer updates!

Last April, I attended the Different Games Conference, in which I a) ran a game of Coffee: A Misunderstanding, b) spoke as part of “A Perfectly Normal Panel About Awkwardness in Games” with my awesome friends/collaborators, Allison Cole and Jess Marcotte, and c) teased a short sneak preview demo of a certain sequel I’m currently working on and will talk more about later.

This week, I’m heading to the Canadian Game Studies Association Conference, wherein Jess, Allison, and I will be doing a repeat of the aforementioned Perfectly Normal Panel About Awkwardness in Games, only this time the awkwardness will be enhanced through the magic of videoconferencing.

Later in June, I’m speaking at the Games For Change Festival, on Comedy, Games, and Social Change, discussing how humour can play an important role in humanizing difficult situations and helping us feel empathy for characters.

Between July-August, I’ll be showing a selection of my work in a solo art exhibition at Babycastles. More details to come soonish!

Finally — because apparently, I haven’t yet had enough of grad school — this September, I’ll be starting a PhD at Concordia University, working with some of the fine folks at the TAG lab. My proposed research will be on designing autobiographical games, a topic that fascinates me greatly, both in terms other people’s work and my own. I’m quite looking forward to it!

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