Last weekend, I participated in GAMERella, a game jam for women, gender-nonconforming folks, people of colour, and any others who feel like they haven’t had a chance to make a game, hosted at TAG. I teamed up once again with my good friend Jess Marcotte and together, we adopted a new game jammer, Sarah Fay Girard.

Our theme was “inter/sections”, which made us want to do something related to intersectional feminism. At some point while brainstorming, we decided it would be funny to lampoon the idea of the “oppression olympics”, a term that’s used to describe when people of different marginalized groups “compete” against each other in order to prove who’s more oppressed — in other words, the antithesis of intersectionality. Several hours and cheesy sports metaphors later, we came up with this gem:


You can play the game here — for best results, gather together some friends around a single keyboard and button-mash as fast as you can! (Also, the source code is available here.)

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