DomPam2 release!

I’m super proud to announce that I’ve now completed the long-awaited sequel to Dominique Pamplemousse! I can’t believe it’s already been exactly four years since I released the first game. A lot has happened in the intervening time: I went to grad school, came out publicly as queer and nonbinary, changed my name and pronouns, got nominated for a bunch of awards, showed my work at art exhibitions, and survived in the midst of many catastrophes, both on a personal and a global scale.

To celebrate this milestone, I’m offering both DomPam games for sale at pay-what-you-want with a minimum of $4 (or $2 each). Proceeds from this sale will go towards me getting top surgery (specifically, a radical breast reduction), a long-awaited important transitional step in helping me feel more at home in my body.

Anyhow, do head on over to to buy the game. Hope you enjoy it!

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