Well, hello there!

You have found your way to the web presence of Mx. Dietrich Squinkifer, or Squinky for short. Welcome!

I’m a new media artist living in Tiohtiá:ke (Montréal) who creates games and playable experiences about gender identity, social awkwardness, and miscellaneous silliness.

If you like what I do and are able to, you can support me on Patreon.

I am also currently available and looking for freelance work, after having spent the last several years in academia. Ideally, I would like to work somewhere at the intersection of narrative design, writing, and diversity consulting, on projects and teams that value political engagement, creativity, and playfulness.

I use they/them pronouns.

For fun, I play tuba and bass trombone, sing, crochet monsters, and snuggle with my cat.

Want to get in touch? Email me. I’m also on Twitter and Instagram.