SECOND PUBERTY #6: You wake up from a long, dark sleep

Here it is, folks: the penultimate SECOND PUBERTY game. Only one more to go after this! Aaaaaah!

I started working on “You wake up from a long, dark sleep” shortly after getting my first COVID vaccine, and finished it right before getting my second one. I’ve been feeling a lot more hopeful than I have been in what feels like a very long time, but there’s also this undercurrent of ambivalence given how traumatizing the past year has been. While I’m noticing that I’m having more good days than bad ones, thanks to an increase in sunlight and the occasional in-person socializing I’ve had access to, the bad days are still really hard.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when I’m feeling awful, my thoughts go to deep, existential places, ruminating on how broken our sociopolitical economic structures are and how doomed everything and everyone is. When I’m feeling better, it’s not like I’m able to convince myself that everything’s fine; I’m way too cynical for that. But I am a lot more likely to just allow myself to enjoy simpler pleasures, like going for a nighttime walk in the cool summer air, or petting my cat, or – going back to the original theme of this album – feeling at peace in my body now that I’ve been able to medically transition.

Everything is still weird, chaotic, nonsensical, and hard to navigate, but as you persist, it gets a little easier to find your way around and maybe even see some beauty in the chaos. At least, that’s what I’ve tried to convey, and I hope I did so effectively.

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