SECOND PUBERTY and the future…

First: the game is out now! Go play it!

Second, an announcement: now that the game is finished, I’m going to be closing my personal Patreon. The reason for this is so I can focus on my work with Soft Chaos, which officially became a worker co-op just this year. For updates on what my teammates and I will be up to going forward, you can subscribe and support us over at Comradery, a new democratically-owned crowdfunding platform that aligns with our collective values.

As I said in a post I just uploaded over there: “It’s a weird time to be starting a new game studio, and in spite of all our planning and hard work just getting the basic bureaucracy of everything settled, none of us have any idea what’s going to happen or how things are going to go. But at the very least, we’re all in it together, and for the first time in my very long and winding game development career, I feel like I’m actually part of something bigger than just myself.”